Interview Questions

Top Six Interview Questions For DevOps 

1) DevOps ! How can you explain it in your thoughts ?

DevOps (development and operations) is an organization software development key phrase used to mean a type of nimble relationship between advancement and IT expeditions.

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2)Why we require DevOps ?

Organizations are now experiencing the need to supplying more and faster and greater applications to fulfill the ever more urgent demands of sensitive users to minimize the ” Time To Market “. Devops often facilitates implementation to happen very fast.

3)Can we take into consideration DevOps as an agile technique ?

Of course! DevOps is a activity to reconcile and connect development and manufacturing start via a set of great practices . Its appearance is inspired by a deep modifying requirements of organization, who want to speed up the modifications to stick closer to the specifications of company and the client.

4)What is Kubernetes? Describe

It is extremely scalable tool for handling containers, designed by Google. It is used internal on large deployments and simply because of that it is maybe the best option for manufacturing use of containers. It helps self healing by restating non responsive containers, it pack containers in a way that they take fewer resources and has many other excellent characteristics.

5)What is meant by Continuous Delivery ?

Is it exercise of supplying the software for testing as quickly as it is build by CI (Continuous Integration) server’s. It needs heavy use of Versioning Control System for so generally obtainable to developers and testers alike.

6)What is Vagrant and what is the use of vagrant?

Vagrant is a tool that can develop and handle virtualized (or containerized)  surroundings for evaluating and developing software. At first, Vagrant used virtualbox as the hypervisor for virtual conditions, but now it helps KVM.