Course curriculum

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  • Introduction
    • Git and GitHub LiveLessons—Workshop: Introduction
  • Configuring Git
    • Three levels of configuration
    • Basic configuration settings
    • Configuring line endings
    • Configuring aliases
  • Getting Started with Git
    • Creating your first Git repository
    • Committing in Git
    • Understanding a Git commit
    • The benefits of the staging area
    • Git log for viewing history
  • Getting Started with GitHub
    • Creating a repository in GitHub
    • Uploading your repo to GitHub
    • Creating a repository after starting to code
  • Files in Git—Renaming, Deleting and Ignoring
    • How to rename a file in Git
    • Deleting a file in Git
    • Ignoring files using a .gitignore file
    • Global gitexcludes and other Git ignore options
    • Git ignore precedence
    • Git commit -a
  • Branching, Merging and Rebasing
    • Introducing branching
    • Merging a branch
    • Creating a fast forward merge
    • Introducing recursive merges
    • “No fast forward” recursive merges
    • Resolving merge conflicts
    • Another merge conflict example
    • Git Diff
    • Introducing rebasing
    • Rebasing a branch
    • Handling rebase conflicts
  • Git Internals
    • Introducing “Git under the hood”
    • Creating the first commit
    • Exploring the object store
    • cat-file to explore object contents
    • The benefits of Git’s use of SHA1 hashes
    • Git as a content store (how many new hashes)
    • Understanding remotes and their configuration
    • Configuring your push default

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