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1. Introduction To Chef
• What is Chef
• Common chef Terminology
• Chef -Server
• Chef- workstation
• Chef Workstation- Looking At Security And Configs
• Chef- Repo
• Chef- Client
• Server And Nodes
• Chef configuration Concept

2. Building Docker Container CookBook
• Getting Set up
• Starting The Docker Recipe for Creating a container image
• Provision and configure a Docker host environment
• Launch container instances, monitor and manage containers
• Adding Attribute, Recipe,And A Template
• Attribute Precedence
• Adding Docker File Template Dynamically With Chef
• Recipe Includes And Dependancies
• Configure Customize Container Deployment To The Node
• Executing Docker Command On The Node
• Adding Platform Support for Running Docker To The cookBook
• Adding the Local chef- Repo To GitHub

3.Node Object And Search
• What Is The Node Object
• Search Concept
• Searching Node Attributes Using Knife

4.Data Bags
• What Are Data Bags
• Creating User And Sudo Group Data Bags
• Bulding A Recipe To Deploy Local User Account
• From Data Bags

5.Chef Environment
• What Are EnvironmentsAnd Why Do they Matter
• Creatinf And Configrating Environment
• Creating A Second Version Of Our WebServer
• Cookbook
• Deploying To Different Environment
• Viewing And Deleting Environment With Knife

• What Are Roles?
• Creating A Web Server Role
• Building A Simple MySQL Cookbook For A Role
• Creating A DB server Role
• Creating a Base Role

7.Extending Chef
• Knife Plugins
• Chef supermarket And Chef-Client cookbook

8.Deploying a Nodes In Production
• UnAttended Node Bootstrapping
• Chef-Client Cookbook ( Security And Automated Runs)

9.Using OpenSource Chef Server
• Opensource Chef
• Configuring The WorkStation And Bootstrapping
• Closing: BootStrapping Nodes And Deploying Cookbook

10. Chef Specialist Advance Course Content
• Deploy the Chef Environment with High availability,replication features
• Integrated Chef with Private and Public Cloud environment(Cloud Management)

11. Cloud Integration Content
• Deploy Openstack Service using Chef Recipe
• Deploy and Integrate AWS Services using Chef

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