Amazon web services Training

Devopsonlinehub offers best AWS Training  with most skilled industry experts. Our Trainers are doing work in Amazon Web Services and relevant technologies for more several years in MNC’s. We conscious of business needs and we are providing Amazon Web Services Training in Hyderabad in more realistic way.

Course Objective

AWS Training Teaches you how to,


  • Make architectural choices supported the AWS-recommended architectural principles and best practices.
  • Leverage AWS services to create your infrastructure ascendible, reliable, and extremely accessible.
  • Leverage AWS managed services to enable larger flexibility and resiliency in an infrastructure.
  • Make an AWS-based infrastructure a lot of economical in order to extend performance and reduce prices.
  • Use the Well-Architected Framework to enhance architectures with AWS solutions.

Introduction to AWS Cloud Services

  • What is cloud computing?
    History of cloud
    Different vendors for Cloud
    Cloud main objectives
    IaaS overview
    PaaS overview, SaaS overview
    Why AWS Cloud
    Amazon Web Services Architecture
    Features of AWS cloud

Amazon Web Services Console

• Amazon Web Services Management Console
• Amazon Web Services plugins
• Amazon Web Services CLI
• Amazon Web Services Blogs/Documentation

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) (Complete)
• Different instance types
• AMI’s
• Volumes
• Snapshots
• EIP’s
• Key pairs
• Security groups
• Network Interfaces
• Load balancers
• Auto scaling
• Tags

Amazon Web Services S3
• What is s3?
• Buckets & objects
• Pre-signed URL
• Permissions
• Distributions
• Relation between Cloud front, S3 & glacier

• VPC basics
• Public subnets & private subnets
• Network ACL’s
• Difference between Network ACL & Security groups
• Route tables
• Internet gateways
• DHCP option sets
• Launch Servers with VPC.

• Basics of AWS permissions.
• Roles
• Profiles
• Policies
• MFA authentication.
• User permissions
• Groups based
• AWS key & Secret Key

Dynamo DB
• What is no sql technologies
• Dynamo DB capacity
• Create tables & do a sample projects.

Route 53
• Hosted zone
• Types(Cname, Ip address, MX)
• Change references to meet CName

• Email services
• SMTP Servers

• Queue creations
• Retention periods
• Dead letters

• Topic
• Subscriptions
• Notification & Applications

Cloud Watch
• Different Metrics
• Monitoring
• Custom metrics

Cloud Formation
• Cloud formation templates
• Complete resources & explanation with sample templates

Cloud Front

Code deploy
• Why Code deploy
• How to apply patch with Code Deploy

Cloud Trail
Amazon Web Services Config

Network Concepts:

• Active directory
• Computer name
• Network commands

• AwsCli commands
• Python
• PowerShell